What’s That Noise??

Last night, the girls went to bed and Melissa and I decided to watch this weeks episode of Revolution. We then heard what sounded like someone walking around upstairs. We had assumed one of the girls woke up and was stumbling into our bedroom. I went upstairs… both were sound asleep in bed. umm… that was odd. Well, maybe our cat Fiona was jumping around and that was what we heard. But, she was no where to be found. I guess she was just hiding in the basement like she likes to do.

kitchen_cornerThen we heard it again. Once again, kids where asleep, no Fiona. huh! Well, Melissa insists the house is haunted. Then I got a hunch.

I walked into our kitchen, and over the far left corner where two sets of cabinets meet and there is a dead space. (see picture to the right).

I looked up, and well, there you go! I found the problem. It wasnt the girls… FIONA WAS IN THE CEILING! She had climbed up the gap and through a hole in the drywall and was IN THE CEILING!


After we picked ourselves up off the kitchen floor laughing and Melissa was hunched over laughing so hard she was trying to avoid peeing her pants, we decided to let her come out on her own accord. As soon as she decided to climb back down, I quickly stuffed a pillow into the gap until a permanent solution can be done. That should keep her out of the hole for a while.

All those times Melissa heard phantom steps upstairs, it wasn’t a ghost.. it was a cat in the ceiling!

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