The Week in Review

Quotes of the Week:

Jason: (August 22, 2012)

I feel like a caged squirrel.

C:  (August 25, 2012) jumping up and down, moving her hands and saying, ”

I’m flapping my wings.”

with a huge grin on her face.

C: (August 25, 2012) She’s clapping, shouting ”

Raise your hands, vote for me!

M:(August 21, 2012)

Those grapes were HUGE! I showed them to everyone. They were amazed! They were huge!

Weekly Newsletter from M’s teacher: (I have decided to include this each week. It tells what they’ve done that week, etc.)


Dear FDPS Families,

We have had a terrific week and I am looking forward to a great school year. Please ask questions if you are uncertain about anything. After many years of teaching preschool, there are many routine things I do and may not have explained them to you.

So, here is my list of things that have come up or questions I have been asked…hope this helps!

  1. If your little girl is wearing a dress or skirt, please have her wear shorts underneath.
  2. Closed toed shoes are required for the gym and recess. Sandals are ok during the school day. Please keep a pair of gym shoes in their backpack if they wear sandals often.
  3. Please be on the look-out for new toys in your house. We have a few students that really like our “stuff” and have been putting them in their pockets.
  4. I sent a book order home with your open house packet. They are due back on 8/31. Book orders and all our fund raisers are optional. Please don’t feel like you have to participate in everything. I will send home book orders 4 times a year.
  5. If your child seems to not be eating a lot of their lunch, they will once they are used to eating in a room with 40 preschoolers! The staff encourages eating healthy foods first and will send home items that have not been eaten.
  6. On the wall to the right of our classroom door is a poster, where I will try to write down daily what we have done. Hopefully, you can chat about what they have done that day on the way home.
  7. Please make sure your child uses the bathroom before school. Some students are afraid of the hand driers and we are dealing with it.
  8. There was some confusion about milk at lunchtime. We will get a list on Monday those who have signed up for milk. If your child did not have a juice box or water, they received milk. Hot lunch begins in September.

I think that is all for now. Email me anytime with concerns or questions- pjohnson@[email removed].

JESUS TIME-This week we learned how God created the world. Our puppet friend, Jelly, came to visit and had a bag full of items…ask your child what was in Jelly’s bag? We learned the song Two Little Eyes.

LETTERS, NUMBERS, SHAPES & COLORS-Our letter of the week was A. We made a list of words that begin with A, like Aubrey, Avnoor, Abby, apple & alligator. Some of us practiced writing upper and lower case A. We counted items this week to go along with our My Hand Can Hold books we made. Looks like some of you have been practicing at home…thanks! We talked about different animal shapes this week. If you look at our back board, you will see the animal shape your child picked out with the photo I took of them. On Thursday, we talked about our favorite colors.

ART-We will do art almost every day. I try to make it creative, so they are doing their “own thing”, but sometimes, it will be a project with specific directions. This week, we colored our traced hands. We also easel painted and did handprints on paper plates.

THIS & THAT-Our theme for the first 3 weeks is We Are God’s Handiwork. We talked about how special God made us all. You will see many things coming home or hanging up that have our hands on them. We also talked about Gentleness, with our hands and with our words. Our book of the week was I Like Me, which taught us to like ourselves, no matter what we look like or what we can or cannot do. The Sharing Bag is already coming around. If you find it in your child’s backpack, send it back the next morning with an interesting show & tell. Also coming home this week is the first Student of the Week (name removed) form. Check your child’s Friday Folder each weekend and send it back, signed, on Monday. Remember to have a full change of clothing in your child’s backpack daily.

I am sending home a hard copy of my newsletter this week. If you do not get an emailed copy, please let me know so your name can be added to our class list.

God’s Blessings,

Pam Johnson

M could not tell me what was in Jelly’s bag and couldn’t remember the song she learned. But she did know that she had practiced her letter A, counted, and that she had said her favorite color was red. She is loving the art and we have started a gallery in our house (I have plans for the artwork, but don’t be surprised if you get some samples in the mail!).

Today, however, was definitely a day where we felt the entire week catch up with us.   Even at her age, she had still been taking 2-3 hour naps daily and this week had gone 4 days without napping (only briefly napping one of those days, I was told). All morning today, any time anything was said to M, she burst into tears. It was almost as if she was a teenager already, with hormones raging! And her little sister didn’t help, the instigator she is.

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