The Week in Review

Quotes from the Week:

C (when asked why her socks & shoes were off, September 16):

Well, we’re in church.

M (looking at the Oscar Meyer weinermobile, September 16):

But hot dogs don’t have windows…

(September 18) Me: Who wants to go upstairs?
C: I’ve got my baby!
M: I’ve got string in case someone needs rescuing!

(September 19): I asked M on the way to school this morning what they do in chapel. Her response: “We ask if Jesus loves Sherry. If God forgives Sherry.” Apparently, He is very all about Sherry right now. 🙂

Weekly Newsletter from M’s Teacher: 

Dear FDPS Families,

We just finished week 5 and are doing pretty well with preschool. Next week, I will be evaluating some of the preschool skills we need to know. Parent, Teacher, Student conferences are coming up and we can discuss your child’s abilities and behavior then. Your scheduled appointment is in
the Friday Folder. Please let me know ASAP if you need to reschedule. Each conferences lasts 15 minutes. We want to be sensitive to those waiting in the hallway for their appointment, so if you think you need longer, let me know.

Also going home in the Friday Folder is a paper helicopter you can make with your child. Have fun!

Fall is here, which means cooler weather, which means coats & hats and eventually snow pants, boots and mittens. It is never too early to practice putting on a coat, zipping, buttoning, and getting dressed for outdoor play. We would really appreciate your help…it takes forever to get 20 preschoolers ready for recess!

Chapel is a dress up day. We strive for collared shirts for the boys, dressier clothes for the girls, no jeans or sweats. We want to show respect for our Savior.

JESUS TIME-We learned the story of Jacob this week. He left home after being mean to his father and brother. He had to sleep on a rock outside, instead of a pillow. Jacob had a dream that angels were going up and down a staircase. This dream taught him that angels and God are watching over us all the time. Our God is so Great is the song we learned this week.

LETTERS, NUMBERS, SHAPES, COLORS-Our letter of the week was E, as in Elise, elephant, and egg. We practiced writing our E’s-easy upper case, not so easy lower case! We continued counting the numbers on the calendar and how many students we have in class. My 4 year olds are doing very well and the 3 year olds are getting better. The shape we worked on this week was the TRIANGLE. We did not find many in our classroom. Our TRIANGLE collages are hanging in our classroom. GREEN was our color of the week. We found many GREEN things inside and outside. We also practiced connecting dotted lines and writing our names.

ART-We decorated roller skates GREEN with net balls. And we used the warming tray to color airplanes orange. All of us finished making our Transportation books. I hope you child “reads” it to you!

THIS & THAT-In Science, we experimented in our water table. We each put something in the water to see if it would float or sink. Some of us got overenthusiastic with the water table and had to change our clothes. Our book of the week was I Love Trains. We continue to do transportation activities, read transportation books, and sing transportation songs. And, we have been practicing saying “please” and “thank you”-our manner of the week! During the week of conferences, we have a book fair in the front hallway of our school. Preschoolers do not get a time to look at the books during the day so you may want to take some time after school or on your conference day.


Our God is so Big

Our God is so big, so strong and so mighty, there’s nothing our God cannot do (repeat).

The mountains are His, the rivers are His, the stars are His handiwork, too.

Our God is so big, so strong, and so mighty, there’s nothing our God cannot do, for you.

Wheels (The Wheels on the Bus)

Rollin’ down the road on my unicycle, my unicycle, my unicycle.

Rollin’ down the road on my unicycle. I have 1 big wheel.

v.2 bicycle, v.3 tricycle, v.4 automobile

I want to make sure everyone is receiving my newsletter so please send me a comment from this letter. If you do not respond, I will catch up with you!

Have a restful weekend!

God’s Blessings, Pam Johnson

M loved showing us her Transportation book, and it is one of the things we did put in her  keepsake box. I need to work on remembering when I have her signed up for hot lunch, because I forgot this week!!

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