The Week in Review

Quotes from the Week:

C (September 3):

Bye, I’ll see you next week. Bring your money.

Jason – in reference to a storm (September 4):

Things are about to get VERY interesting outside.

M (September 5):

Now… shake shake shake like a monkey!

Me (to Jason) (September 8):

Can we move to Iowa soon?


We can, honey, we just have to pack everything really fast.

Weekly Newsletter from M’s teacher:

Dear FDPS Families,

I always say that a short school week should mean a short letter but somehow it never turns out like that. We had a busy week and celebrated our first birthdays-[names removed]. Thanks for the birthday treat! My list of reminders is getting shorter, which means we are getting more efficient!

1. I know this is hard to figure out, but when you pickup after school, please stay on the tile until after the buses leave and you see bigger kids coming down the hall. The hall is so congested and hectic. Child care does not leave for about 10 more minutes so you won’t miss picking up your child. We are trying to avoid confused and lost children. Thanks!
2. Please label your child’s water bottles, lunch boxes, backpacks, and extra clothes. 3. Remind your child to “cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze”-our manner of the week.
4. We have gym at 8:15 on Friday. Can everyone wear their gym shoes to school so we don’t have to quickly change before gym class? Thanks! They can always change back to their sandals or other shoes when we are done.

JESUS TIME-Our story this week was of the first sin. We learned how Adam and Eve disobeyed God and were sent away from the garden. We also talked about saying “I’m sorry” and “I forgive you.” I hope we get into the habit of saying “sorry” and after being forgiven, forgetting about it. On Friday, we had devotions with the 7 th graders again. We learned about letting our LIGHTS SHINE!

LETTERS, NUMBERS, COLORS & SHAPES-Our letter of the week was C, as in Cora, carrots, and cookies. We traced and practiced writing the upper and lower case C and made a list of C words. Each day we count how many days are on the calendar. We will be getting better as the months go by. We also counted our fingers. As you spend time with your child, practice counting. Count M & M’s, Hot Wheels cars, grapes, or anything in your home. Many children get lost around 14, 15, 16 and the tens (19, 20, 29, 30, 39, 40, etc.). Our color of the week was RED. We looked in the RED color box…ask your child what we found? We sponge painted with RED and looked for RED things around our room. Our shape of the week was a CIRCLE. We found a CIRCLE in the Feely Bag and found many CIRCLES around the classroom.

ART-We drew pictures of ourselves, which are hanging in the hallway. The students looked in a mirror and gave me the answers. So if the eye or hair color is wrong, it’s all them! We also sponge painted shapes and colored pictures of our left and right hands.

THIS & THAT-We talked about our left and right hands. We always put our right hands on our hearts when we say the pledge each morning (which they are getting pretty good at ). We love playing in the noodle table and with Playdough. Next week is our 1 st All School Chapel, where we get to sit with our Chapel family. The Chapel family is a mixture of our whole class and 1 or 2 students from each grade. We will also divide into our Chapel families for Fall Fest and the end of the year Fun Day. We received a donation of some fun stuffed animals last week. They live in our Thomas the Train and come out to play once in awhile.


My Little Heart

My little heart has a great big love, a great big love for Jesus.

My little heart has a great big love, a great big love for Jesus.

I heard Him knock (knock, knock). I let Him in (clap, clap).

Now my little heart has a great big love, a great big love for Jesus.


We’re All in School Together

We’re all in school together, together, together.

We’re all in school together and happy we will be.

There’s child’s name and child’s name and child’s name and child’s name.

We’re all in school together and happy we will be.


Don’t forget to sign up for the Potluck next Friday from 5:30-7!

God’s Blessings, Pam Johnson

M can tell you all about the story of Adam & Eve (complete with all the details! It’s pretty impressive!) and she remembers the manner of the week. 🙂 When we had a moment at home when we had to say she was sorry to her little sister, she said, “and now we forget about it.” so she was obviously paying attention to that part of the week also!

She colored her handprints and the teacher noted that she is right-handed (which we had already figured out!) and she has been saying the pledge of allegiance around the house (she calls it a prayer 🙂 ).  The portrait she made of herself, she told her teacher that she was “almost 4” (her birthday is next Friday), her eyes are blue, and her hair is “colorful”. When I asked her the same questions, she said the same things. It made us laugh!

I can tell that she really is blossoming and enjoying school, no matter what she says.

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