The Week in Review


Our 7th Anniversary!

Quotes from the Week:

C (August 26):

My ear farted.

Jason (August 26):

Holy rain storm batman!

C, stomping from the room (August 27):

I’m mad at you guys. I’m really mad at you guys.

C (August 28):

Daddy, can you watch Mickey with me?

M (August 28):

My baby is old because she is 42. She’s really old.

Jason (August 29):

I have an awesome wife.

M (August 31):

I think the car is out of gas. I can feel it.

M (September 1):

I’m supervising!

Weekly Newsletter from M’s teacher:


Dear FDPS Families,

Another pretty good week! Most of our students come in smiling and have a great time at school. A few are missing Mom throughout the day, which will pass in time. We have discussed how moms and dads have jobs and a preschooler’s job is to do their best at school. If your child has trouble saying goodbye, make the goodbye quick and I can take over. The longer you say goodbye, the more they have you under their control

Here are a few more reminders:

1. Pack a spoon or fork, if your child needs one. We don’t always have extras.
2. Label your child’s lunchbox, backpack & water bottle. Extra clothes should be in a labeled Ziploc (it makes it easier for us to grab the bag instead of digging through the backpack). Thanks!

3. We already have colds going through the classroom. Remind your child to use tissues, throw them away, and wash their hands afterwards.

4. If you are sending in a chapel offering on Wednesdays, please bring it into the classroom. There is a small container on our front table. This month’s offering goes to Walcamp, a Christian camp near [place removed].

5. Wednesday is also a day you can bring items in for our food pantry. We take non perishable items, as well as toiletries, and paper products. It is never too early to teach your child how to give to others. Thanks!

6. The Early Childhood Potluck is one of our biggest events. It is a great way to meet other families in your child’s class. Preschooler need to bring a main dish. Drinks, plates, and utensils will be provided. Hope to see you on Friday, 9/14 at 5:30 or as soon as you can make it, in the Great Room. There is a sign-up sheet outside my door, so we can get an idea of how many to expect.

7. Another way to support our school is by eating at our monthly PTL Night Out. It is held at a local restaurant and a percentage of the money spent comes back to [the school]. On Monday, 9/17, it is at Culvers on [address]. The fun thing about this dinner at Culvers, is that the teachers and staff get to serve you your food!

JESUS TIME-During Jesus Time this week, we talked about how God made the animals and people. Jelly came to see us and told us about his new puppy. We talked about how special all the animals are that God made. On Thursday, after talking about how special our bodies are, we added body parts to a life sized paper preschooler! Coming home each week, will be a paper explaining our Jesus Story of the week. I hope you take the time to read it with your child. We did a great job of listening and being quiet during Mr. Kirsch’s chapel this week. Thanks Preschoolers!

LETTERS, NUMBERS, SHAPES & COLORS-Our letter of the week was B, as in Bowie, bear, and broccoli. Each week I will be sending home the paper where we learned to write the upper and lower case letter. You might want to collect them in a notebook at home and review the pictures at the bottom, so they learn the sound the letter makes. Many of the older students can write them already, but it is always good to practice. The younger ones will struggle and get it in time. If you want, you can practice at home. Some are just not ready, so no worries…they will be eventually. We practiced recognizing the numbers 1-10 by reading an Eric Carle counting book. After we practice counting and recognizing the numbers, we will begin to write them…it’s harder than the alphabet! Our color of the week was blue. We played “I Spy Something Blue” and made a blue collage. No shape this week…

ART- We made our blue collages and many had their first experience squeezing a glue bottle. Our blue finger paintings are hanging in our classroom…we did a good job of not getting too messy!

THIS & THAT-This week, we played with many new activities in our classroom. The noodle table was open for pouring, sorting, and making a lot of noise! We played with shaving cream on cookie sheets…the room smelled like menthol! In Science, we learned about magnets and were able to play with magnet wands and magnet marbles. We learned what our Most Important Letter is (the first letter of our name). We will practice recognizing the letter and our classmates’ names all year. Our Book of the Week was If You Take a Mouse to School. Next week’s Student of the Week is [name removed].

MUSIC & MOVEMENT-We did a lot of running around the playground this week. On Wednesday, we went to the grove and drew with chalk. Then, we played in the grove and found a live cicada, which we named Flier. Each day, we sing many songs and move to music.

God is so Good God is so good, God is so good, God is so good, He’s so good to me.

God answers prayers, God answers prayers, God answers prayers, He’s so good to me.

Come and Worship Come and worship. Come and worship. Father, Son. Father, Son. And the Holy Spirit. And the Holy Spirit. Three in One. Three in One.

Snack & lunch prayer (The Mulberry Bush Song)

For health and strength and daily bread, daily bread, daily bread. For health and strength and daily bread, we give you thanks, O, God.

Remember-no school Monday! Have a restful weekend and we’ll see you Tuesday!

God’s Blessings, Pam Johnson

Nana and Papa were on vacation this week again, so C spent her Tuesday and Wednesday with Miss Kristin (which she was very excited about!), but still missed her Nana terribly.  And M still had a hard time going to school, but I have to remind myself that she isn’t a morning person normally, so each day should get better hopefully.



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