The Simple Life… at the Zoo

As a birthday present from friends, M received a trip to the zoo. And our friends were kind enough to invite the rest of us along as well, making a family day of it. At the last minute, we cancelled, because the girls were being little monsters. And then, thinking that our friends had already purchased tickets, we did load the girls in the car and drive to the zoo to meet them.

We probably should not have done this.

M threw tantrum after tantrum. Including beating and biting me in the middle of the wolf exhibit. At which point I walked away, intending to go to the car. We should not have gone.

And all around us, for some reason, there were a ton of Amish people. They must have chartered a bus or something, but there were probably 5 or 6 different families, maybe about 30-50 people – men, women and children. And seeing all of these families, no fighting, no tantrums, just makes me think that I have to be doing something wrong. My arm is still scarred from her bites. ¬†And I am at my wit’s end for what to do. I just want peace in this house and I can think of no way to achieve it. Continually battling not only the children, but Jason on most days, is really starting to wear on me.

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