The First Week

As the end of M’s first week comes to a close, it’s been very interesting. Starting to figure out the timing of dropping her off and getting to work.  I asked her this morning what she has liked about school.

“Well, I like going to the park” (the playground)

And what she hasn’t liked about school:

“There are just too many kids.”

And apparently, the saga with the grapes continues. Because today when Jason picked her up, M decided to give him a piece of her mind. I had sent black grapes today, cut up as she had requested. But these were “wrong” in her opinion, because they were black. “Grapes can only be green or ‘purple’ (red).”  So, today, I sent green grapes again.

Her teacher told me that M has the funniest facial expressions!

And not to be outdone, her little sister has been giving her own rendition each night of what she has done with that day’s sitter. When we ask M what she has done at school, C chimes in with “And I stayed home and did [enter activity here] with [enter sitter here].”

But we made it through the first week!



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