The First School Cold

M woke up on Monday morning with a terrible cough and a running nose. But no fever. So, off to school she went. Told Mrs. Johnson, and with just a quick hug I was gone. Get home from work that night and Jason says, “Guess what? She has a fever.” And school policy is that they have to be fever free for 24 hours before going back to school. So, today I worked from home.

She got to stay in her jammies, we popped popcorn and we watched movies.

A lot of movies.

Well, after my 3 – yes, count them, 3 – conference calls as M attempted to entertain herself with Doc McStuffins turned down really quiet and some turns at her cash register (thanks, Aunt Sandy!).

And then we worked through our alphabetized movies (ok, I’m a bit neurotic). She got to pick a kids’ movie from each letter. ¬†We started with Anastasia. Then Bug’s Life. Then Cars. On to Fern Gully (that was a pick from the E-G category).

Somewhere between A Bug’s Life and Cars she fell asleep and for a blissful hour and a half I was able to work without questions about snack or a drink or what was that on the screen. But she looked so peaceful. And our cat curled up next to her, almost as if she knew M was sick.

And luckily, her fever did not return all day. Back to school tomorrow, M.

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