Making Friends

I realized this week that M hasn’t complained about going to school in a while. Which is awesome! I said something to her teacher and she said she has noticed this as well. She’s making friends.

She talks a lot about different kids at school, this or that person.  But the funniest story was this one about Elise & Cora from recess:

They were playing on the playground. Elise & Cora were princesses, M was the monster. Apparently, Elise & Cora were killed but came back to life. And Elise held M’s hand. They were friends after that.

She also told me about how they do “jemotions” every day. I figured out that these were devotions. That’s what happens when she goes to a private Christian school. She is able to tell me all about her weekly chapel service (this week was about family).

We’re starting to settle into a routine.

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