Ban These Olympic Sports

Below is a list of Olympic “sports” that should be banned.
  • Equestrian
    • Come on! The horse is doing all the work!
  • Rhythmic Gymnastics
    • It’s rhythmic gymnastics. I dont need to give you an explanation.
  • Badminton
    • Ok, this is just lame.
  • Table Tennis
    • Why isnt billards an olympic sport? Shouldn’t we include other recroom events? Maybe foosball, darts, table hockey, Donkey Kong, PacMan, Wii Tennis, or Mario Kart would be excellent additions.
  • Trampoline
    • Are you freaking kidding me????? This is an olympic sport???
  • Soccer
    • I know will be the controversial one. It’s absolutely an internationally popular sport, but they already have the World Cup, which I would argue is perceived to be a much more prestigious tournament.

All of the above are ACTUAL Olympic “sports”, but baseball, softball, and cricket are not.

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