A New Tradition

After an afternoon with friends, we brought the girls home and decided to build a fort in the living room and have a campout and movie night.  Jason and the girls built the “fort” while I popped popcorn. They were so excited and couldn’t believe we were making a “tent” using the dining room table chairs.

“It’s a tent, Mommy!”

Then we pulled out all of our family-friendly movies and we each got to pick one movie. The 4 choices were:

  • Jason: Mary Poppins
  • Melissa: Madagascar (mainly, because he had already picked Mary Poppins!)
  • M: Finding Nemo
  • C: Monsters, Inc

And then from those 4, we needed to choose a final movie for the night.  Jason and I may have coerced them into choosing Mary Poppins (ok, we may or may not have watched Nemo & Monsters Inc only 100 times each in the last few weeks, because they are stored on our DVR!).  They really weren’t sure, but they both love anything with singing and dancing, so we knew they would love it if they just gave it a chance.

As the movie started, they both kept asking, “Where is Mary Poppins?” “Soon, soon. She’s coming.” We would answer.

And then, it comes.  You know that moment.  All of those “other” nannies are lined up outside of 17 Cherry Tree Lane. And the big gust of wind comes and blows them away. We gasped and laughed as they tried to hang onto lampposts and fences, their umbrellas turned inside out, but ultimately being blown away. And then, there she is. Mary Poppins. Floating down, calm and serene, with her umbrella above her head. I watched my daughters’ faces in that moment and their mouths were just open, their eyes wide. And I knew. I had just made two new fans of Mary Poppins.

They fell asleep before we had even finished “Jolly Holiday” and we will do many more “movie and fort” nights, because we had so much fun.  But it will be this one I think I will remember the most.

The night that Mary Poppins dropped out of the clouds and into the hearts of two little girls.

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