A Birthday Tradition

When each of my girls turned 1 I started taking the day off from work and it was a day just for me and them. The first year we didn’t do much, but starting when they turned 2, we would go see a movie, have lunch and go shopping (usually to the Disney Store ūüôā ).

It’s fun and a great way to show that they are individually special.

This year, I took M out of school (it’s preschool and the teacher totally approved!) and we went to the Disney Store where she got a Birthday pin with her name on it, a birthday crown, and got to pick out a toy from Daddy and I. Then we went to see Finding Nemo 3D – which she found interesting. She kept trying to “catch” the parts that were 3D. ¬†She even received 2 pairs of kid-sized 3D glasses and decided to keep one to give to her little sister.

We finished up our day with lunch at IHOP. ¬†Where the waitstaff came out with an ice cream bowl & singing – LOUDLY. This scared the bejeesus out of her, causing her to start crying. ¬†They felt so bad!! ¬†But she was starting to get tired and it didn’t help. ¬†After a quick stop at the grocery store, we headed home for a much-needed nap!

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