The Story Behind My Decision

After much thought and discussion with Melissa, I have resigned from St. Peter and accepted a job at Community Unit School District 300 as Technology Coordinator at one of their schools. (I will continue to help with the FamilyLive! service) This was not an easy decision. I really did like working at St. Peter. I’ve often felt like I would be there forever, but time has a way of changing things. Let me give you a little background on this decision.

In late 2010, I realized it might be time for me to move on from my position as Technology Coordinator at St. Peter. The demands of the job were severely limiting my ability to spend quality time with my family. It made planning family events extremely difficult on a weekend when I knew I had to be back to work by 3pm on a Saturday to put the sermon slides together that I often didn’t get until mid-afternoon. Additionally, the job made going out of town for holidays extremely difficult. Too many times we had to cancel holiday trips to Iowa at the last minute because there just weren’t enough volunteers to cover services for Easter or Christmas. This was really tearing at Melissa, and it wasn’t fair to her.

Another factor in my decision was the continuous budget problem we always faced. In my entire time at St. Peter, the technology ministry had always been neglected when it came to the budgeting process. My extremely limited budget (under $8000/year, if I was ever allowed to spend it all) SEVERELY limited my ability to grow the ministry and innovate. When you factor out yearly expenses, upgrades and maintenance, my budget was really closer to $1500. Too often I would have a great idea that would have been a benefit to the organization, but was told ‘no, sorry, we have no money’ or someone would stand in the way of the project.

I didn’t too seriously look for a new job. If I happen to come across something I liked, I might apply. I did still enjoy many parts of my job, so I wasn’t going to leave until I happened to see something I really liked. Then things changed in late April of 2011.

Through a series of events that I won’t get into publicly, I decided it was now time to move on. There are many “behind the scenes” reasons for my decision, but this is not an appropriate forum to air those grievances… and there are many of them.

In the following 12 months, I applied for over 70 jobs in 3 states (Iowa, Illinois, Florida). I had 8 interviews (including the job I have accepted). These interviews included two positions at the University of Iowa and with three different school districts. I was a “runner up” for one position at the University of Iowa and a “top 3” for another position there that was never filled due to administrative problems. Additionally, I had the opportunity to work for a Chicago area copier company, but ultimately I didn’t feel it would be the right fit for what I wanted to do.

In early February, an individual whom I have worked with at St. Peter knew I was out looking for a new job and informed me of an open position at Community Unit School District 300. The position looked great, so I applied. Two interviews later, and a 4 month delay due to an ongoing audit, a position was offered to me and I have accepted.

St. Peter has given me many opportunities for professional and personal growth and memories that will last a life time. I will truly miss working with many of the staff. There are some very talented and visionary people working there. In good times and especially in bad times, they rally around each other. It’s a very unique organization, and I will miss many of my co-workers.

I am excited about this new job. In my meeting with the IT staff, I believe I am going to be working with a great group of people who have a vision for the future. I’ll miss many things about St. Peter, but it was just time to go. I’m on to a new adventure, one that will hopefully allow me to spend more time with my family… like I should.

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